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How To Start as Trainerpreneur?

Many HRD certified trainers or new trainer have not started as a trainer entrepreneur because they do not understand the HRD Claimable Course activities.

These slides are the slides presented to ~60 trainers who has attended the Trainerpreneur Zoom Wednesday by Kak Yan under LQ Consultancy.

Kak Yan presented the data by HRD and analyse the reasons of:

  1. Focusing manufacturing in Trainerpreneur
  2. Build up trainerpreneur
  3. Work as a team of Training Provider, Trainers and Marketeers
  4. Systemise the trainerpreneur so that many activities are automated

The slides if freely given to Beta, who has owned the eBook of How To Make Money with HRD Grant.

To become Beta, you may click

After the session last nite, ~ 10 eBook were purchased.

Thank you trainerpreneur

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